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Cell Phone Numbers-Why Are They So Hard to Find

It drives me nuts! A friend or co-worker gives me their cell phone number. I write it down on a scratch paper or on the back of a business card and put it in my wallet for safekeeping. Then later on, when I actually need it, I can't find the darn paper I wrote it down on.

This would not be that big of a deal if there was an easy way to easily search or lookup cell phone numbers for people online or in my local telephone book. In today's day and age, it seems like I ought to be able to visit an online phonebook and input a person's name and get their cell phone number, but I can't.

Currently, the United States federal government prohibits mobile phone companies from publishing directories of cell phone numbers. This is to prevent telemarketing companies from marketing to cell phone customers.

Now I certainly agree that people shouldn't have to be solicited to by telemarketers on their cell phones. However, I just cannot understand why the numbers can't be published for personal use.

The National Do-Not-Call Registry keeps telemarketers from calling people on that list and many of those numbers still show up in online phone books and your local telephone book. I say we use these same rules for cell phone numbers. It makes perfect sense to me.

In the meantime, while I wait for some sort of policy change so a cell phone directory can become a reality, I have to find other ways to find cell phone numbers of my friends and associates. Here are a few ways I try and find their cell phone number:

  • I do a quick Google or Yahoo search of their name in quotation marks along with the word "cell", "cellular" or "mobile". People often use their cell phone number when they register in online forums and message boards and the search engines sometimes pick these numbers up.
  • I call the person's workplace and ask for a cell phone number to reach them. I hate doing this because it seems like I'm being nosy, but it works. It's actually a little scary how much information companies will freely hand out about their employees.
  • If I really need to reach them bad enough, I'll pay to have a cell phone number lookup completed by a private investigator or I'll pay for access to a private cell phone database. I can find cell phone numbers with these memberships for around $30 to $40 per year for unlimited access.
Unfortunately, these are about my only options. I guess I should really start doing a better job of remembering where I write the numbers down, huh?

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